All Over Red

  Love is in the air! and what says that better than a sultry claret glossy lip! How can you not indulge a porcelain complexion with an illuminator and a subtle sexy lick of mascara. Glossy eye lids and dark glossy locks are the main accompaniment to this cardinal creation. Painted eye brows a trend…

Here Comes The Night

Healthy skin is truly the foundation of a great beauty look and no sexy night time look is complete without it… well, that glitter, gloss and a little shimmer. Using shadow in hues of greens and mauves help create flicks and elongate your smokey cat eye to bring out that retro vibe. All that’s left to do…


Not for the faint-hearted, this look is for the bold… Undivided attention should be paid to the eyes as they do all the talking and slick back hair enables you to do this. Dramatic lashes accompany red tones that have been applied with acute accuracy & precision.      

Warm Inventions

      Sun Kissed freckled skin & windswept, tousled beach waved hair… The perfect accompaniment to dramatically bold brushed brows. The shimmering smokey eyelids are a dark moody twist to contrast a sexy carefree façade, with the fresh sea air adding the finishing touch.  


Any romantic Spring look is not complete without adorning your very own floral crown. Your look should always be accompanied by full thick wavy curls and a rosy complexion as fresh as a spring morning. Follow these simple rules and your look will always retain life and verdure.

Skin Deep

Summer is nearly upon us and the ‘less is more’ approach is key. Freckles should be out in force and unruly untamed hair should be embraced. Gold accents emphasise and highlight for that sun kissed look and a little Gold Leaf never hurt anybody… and remember your summer glow is more than Skin Deep.

The Inner Circle: The Dating App With A Difference

Meet Your Match, Not A Weirdo     In the modern technological world, few singletons are strangers to the shark-infested waters of the online dating scene. Historically, dating apps have something of a reputation for being little more than a place for people to ‘hook up’ for a one-night-only kind of deal and then disappear…

Colour Forms

As always your face is the canvas and you the artist… Colour Forms the perfect synchronicity between mystery and masterpiece.

You’re The One

Enter the true glitterati… Multi tonal layers of pinks, plums and purples lifted with unrelenting sparkles, shine and shimmer. Modern foil manicures mixed with an untouched pale complexion makes you a vision of pure cosmic delight.

Codes Du Rouge

Be Bold and unafraid to magnify untamed brows, dark lip liner and two tone nails. Glossy eye lids and a lick of mascara help define any code of red

Double Exposure

Expression and confidence can say a thousand words but daring electric blues and fierce red lips can always add a conversation piece. Contrasting copper and green metallic shadows draw you in and burgundy nails polish off and complete the look

May Lindstrom

Decadence and indulgence takes on a whole new meaning especially when you see results like never before. May Lindstorm’s handcrafted collection is a mix of the finest exotic ingredients that are nutrient-rich, unbelievably calming and take relaxation to a whole new level. These sublime products not only smell incredible (especially the Honey Mud which is…


Blending has taken on a whole new rebellious meaning and highlighter strategically placed to technically define the face, while silvers add a pop of shimmer. Nude plump lips and a flawless complexion work in their own way to intoxicate and illuminate the face and an all over rose glow completes the look.

Lindsay Ellingson

Former Victoria’s Secret model, Co-founder & Creative Director of Wander Beauty Lindsay Ellingson talks exclusively to Makeup My Mood about daily face routines, travel essentials and her secrets to beautiful skin. MMM: What is the story behind Wander Beauty? Lindsay: I’ve been traveling the world for the past ten years as a high fashion model. Spending countless…

The Colour White

Bare beautiful skin and neutral flesh tones gives the ultimate understated look. Highlighter and natural contouring makes your skin pop and unkempt hair is the pièce de résistance courtesy of Redken

Purple Shades

Experimenting is key and confidence is everything. Applying just the right amount and the right shade, use rouge blush and modern mattes to create your perfect colour palette

My Own Way

Sultry shades and natural waves your own way… For a touch more drama accentuated brows, bold black liner and a pop of colour will enhance and compliment your skin tone. Let your beauty shine through but don’t be afraid to play

Say It Right

All You need is an unruly attitude and the confidence to Say It Right. Flawless skin, nude lips and a messy bun sets the canvas to let your natural assets shine through.

The Wild Card

Wildly untamed yet unasuming these understated looks have never looked so captivating, combining bright pops of colour with barely there makeup

Just A Trickle

Whether you’re a sucker for Poker straight hair or love the unkempt curl team it with complimenntary tones that warm the skin and typify autumnal shades polished off with dewy skin